long & complex customer journey made easy

Capture lifetime value

Fully capture customers’ lifetime value through easily manageable visualized system to handle long and complex customer journey

Proven track record to capture at least 550k usd per month for a long customer journey retail brand which capture lifetime value of customers through 4 years customer journey

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Collaborative • Workflow Platform

ChatCampaign empowers regional office and local marketers to manage long customer journey engagement together

Robust, flexible and dynamic system to empower fast pace online and offline marketing events, which can plug and play with existing customer journey chatflow.

Enable innovation

Flexibility on workflow, integration, and language to empower localised, innovative, and fast pace marketing solutions both online and offline

Features: ● auto outreach with dynamic chatflow throughout long customer journey ● self-help guides ● personalised samples and offers ● interactive O2O gaming ● giveaway ● membership management ● sales leads one to one real person engagement ● reporting and data analysis ● and many more

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About Us

The idea of ChatCampaign was originated by the founder's previous startup, a social commerce platform. The users were not willing to download a new mobile app, yet always missed out the shopping community newsletter. There was a gap on customer engagement and therefore the idea of ChatCampaign.io was born due to the needs of the previous company. Over the years, ChatCampaign.io has moved from simple chatbot management platform to a full customer lifecycle management service and provides enterprise service to MNC.

ChatCampaign chatbot platform is one of the products released under ChatCampaign Limited, a deep tech AI company which pursue R&D on computer vision AI, NLP AI and workflow chatbot.

ChatCampaign teammates working at different locations including UK, India, and Norway. The diversity of the team keep on bringing in innovative solutions to our customers.

We believe in the power of innovation and we build technology to support other innovators, to bring in new experiences and new ideas to the world through technology enablement.

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